Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, almost through with my first day back to school. My knee aches, but it is not out of control hurt.

Last night after I put the boys to bed I heard them talking. After I got mad at them (I thought it was for another reason) they said they were talking about the Summit Classic, a road race they both participated in earlier in the day. (Max walked and Carter ran). It was so sweet taht they were just up there chatting--not fighting--about the day. Why is it that under the cover of night they can be friends? This is probably the fifth time I have overheard them talking before falling asleep. I LOVE that they do this and will keep them in the same room (until one or the other insists on their own room) just so that they do keep doing this, because it will build a foundation for them to be friends.

Speaking of the Summit Classic, there was a picture of the starting line in the papaer today and Carter was right in the middle of it. That makes three times in the past month that he has been in the paper! Twice he was not named, and once was with his basketball team, but he thinks it's pretty cool!

Scott has worked about 20 hours of overtime the last few days. He went to Libby on Saturday with Carter's soccer team (they won both games). He got home at 6:45 and was immediately called to work. He got home the following day at noon. There was this problem happening. He went back for about an hour last night and has been there all afternoon today (which is normally his day off). Poor guy!

In honor of my surgery last week, here's my "old" picture of the day from Max's tonsillectomy back when he was 6:

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