Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was at a house the other day that had photos displayed all over. I am going to start doing that. I take god pictures and I need to start having them out more than just in scrapbooks. And I am going to print and frame some of the older ones of my kids. Like this one--I love this one:

This vacation in Canby was the first time that I really felt I could take good pictures. And this was one of my favorites!

I might have a job change next year. That's all I can say!

One week until The Red Pyramid comes out. So excited and just over a week until Ironman 2. Next week will be fun! And it is Teacher's Appreciation Week, so remember your child's teachers!!

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Anonymous said...

Been waiting patiently and checking daily for an update. Good to have you back. Boys are darling. Think I could get Carter to babysit a bit this summer? Kids are completely pottytrained...