Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, Monday

I sit here waiting to go in for my knee surgery. I don't have to go in until 12:30, which is fine, but that means I have to sit here and not eat until I get there. Hopefully, the time will go fast.
This weekend my mom, Max and I took my niece Samantha to Spokane to put her on a plane back home. She loved her spring break here for the week. Max and Samantha got along so good. It was amazing, they played great together and constantly. They were truly best buds.
While in Spokane we went downtown to do a bit of shopping--my mom bought me a pair of Dansko shoes for my birthday. Everyone I talk to says they are the most comfortable shoes, so I am excited to start wearing them at work. Then I found a pair of Reebok Tune Up shoes. I really wanted these for my birthday--had told Scott all about them. I wasn't sure if where to find them in Kalispell, so I called Scott and told him I had found them in Spokane. He said to go ahead and buy them! I buy shoes like once every two years so to get two new pairs in one weekend was pretty big for me.
It was a really nice day in Spokane so we walked around a bit and let Sam and Max ride the carousel. Max was so excited that this year he could reach the rings! I really love downtown Spokane. I love Spokane in general.

On the way home my mom and I were talking about both of the boys as babies. Man time moves fast! In May Max will turn 10 and both of my boys will be in double digits, and one the other half of leaving for college. But, I feel like we've made a lot of our time together and I look forward to the rest of our years!
(after our scrapbooking weekend Stephanie and I made a goal to scrap one page a week. I am now 4 weeks behind! Bad scarpper! Maybe this weekend I can catch up with two!!)


Engellant said...

Will be thinking of you through your surgery today. Prayers going out to you, girlfriend.

Jana said...

Thanks Melissa!