Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Land of the Living

Man, the first few days after that surgery were hard! I was in pain, and pretty uncomfortable, but the biggest thing was that I couldn't focus on anything. Books and TV were just kind of hard to follow and I couldn't sleep very well. It was pretty boring. Then yesterday evening things just kind of got better. I could walk better and bend my knee and there was no pain anymore. I probably could have gone to school today, but am glad I had this one last day.

Three of my friends brought us meals while I was out. That is just the nicest thing! Scott really appreciated them.

One of my friends brought my this ice cream--SO GOOD!

Carter starts soccer in Libby tomorrow, but I am going to skip this weekend. Max has baseball practice and I just don't think I am up to driving a bunch and being outside watching soccer all day.

I got invited to be part of another book review blog. Should be pretty fun--and nice that I am not the only responsible for posting! Takes the pressure off.

How was your week?

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Engellant said...

good to have you back - things just don't seem complete when Jana checks out. Wish i'd been one of those friends who'd brought you dinner (or even ice cream) but sadly was not. While not nearly as exciting do know that I've at least had you on my mind each day. So glad for the update and to learn things are improving. Promise me you'll take it easy and not push too hard. enjoy the sun.