Friday, March 26, 2010


Just wow.
Sometimes you stumble across something that is such a huge waste of time you cannot believe you get so sucked it, but it is so addicting. For example: Plants vs. Zombies.

I stayed up until MIDNIGHT playing this game. I could have played it longer but I forcibly made myself stop. Although I can't wait until tonight to play again. (I didn't even watch TV, I played this stupid game instead!!).

I am going to get surgery on my knee. Not sure when, but probably sometime in April...

Max and I did a spring break dance as we left the house this morning. We get to take his class geckos home with us after school today. So fun! (for Max and probably Carter--we will put up pictures)!

For your viewing enjoyment--this is actually how I found out about PxZ anyway, there was a link to this video on another blog I go to...

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