Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Roundup (subtitle: all about Carter)

Our traveling basketball team played in a tournament this weekend. We had a hard day on Saturday, but a great day on Sunday. Likewise, my attitude was sort of stressed and impatient on Saturday (too much going on, we had soccer also and I wanted to get to some other gyms to watch friends play and we were the host gym for the 6th grade boy's portion of the tournament). But, I had a blast on Sunday. It all went really well.

Also, I have a catch-22 going on here. I have been getting some ARCs which is exciting, but I also have so many books checked out from the library that I cannot keep up with. It's a conundrum!

Oh, and Carter just turned 12. OMGosh, 12!! We had a great birthday dinner last night after the basketball tournament: flank steak, potatoes by Scott, bread and ice cream cake. He got four pairs of his favorite kind of shorts, so now he has one pair for each day of the week, a new Wii game, a hooded Flathead sweatshirt, and a fishing pole. He also has a gift coming from his "friend"--a Spain soccer team jersey. We also plan to paint and fix up his room over spring break as part of his present.

Here is a picture of he and his friend at the middle school dance (I do wish he would show his teeth when he smiles for pictures). This is probably the closest they have ever stood--no wait, they did dance a slow dance together. She even came and watched one of his basketball games. I was emailing her mom these pictures and she wrote: "thank you for sharing your son with my daughter." She is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

What are "Potatoes by Scott"? And you need to post the picture on facebook so we can comment there and get your brother into it for a real interesting debate. I don't think he reads your blog...

Anonymous said...

That's all fine and dandy that Carter has little crushes and whatevers, but he is going to marry Isabella someday and that's all I have to say about that!