Saturday, March 20, 2010

We went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night. It was very funny. But, I noticed one thing...I laugh a lot more than other people. I pretty much giggled through the whole movie and the people I was sitting around did not (even though both of them said they did really enjoy it). There was one scene that I knew would be Max's favorite, and it was. First thing he said after the movie was how funny that scene was. All I can say after watching that movie is that I am glad Max is the little brother, because he might possibly terrorize too much if he was a big brother and Max is darn lucky he has the big brother he does!

Then there was this:

I don't even know what to think.I was prepared to run and vomit after I saw it, but honestly, it looks like there are a few things that could be okay. I am still unhappy with the casting if Selena Gomez, not because I don't like her (she is my son's celebrity crush) but because Beezus is like four years older than Ramona, not seven. Also, one of Beezus' problems is always lack of self esteem, how could Selena Gomez have any self-esteem issues. And, you can see plotlines from the book in the trailer (egg in the hair, Howie's uncle & Ramona's aunt getting married, drawing the longest picture in the world). So, maybe I can separate my emotions for this one, and not compare book to movie (I sure couldn't do it for Percy Jackson).

Now off to basketball! Two more weeks of tournaments, then done for the year!!

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