Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Little Letter

Today I went and got Alley Connection for lunch. YUM. When I eat out it is mostly at Subway and if I get a sandwich, chips and a drink it is around $6.00. An Alley Conneciton lunch is $5.95 and I am stuffed. I guess this is the better deal.

Last night I got information on Carter's tournament this weekend. We are playing our "nemesis" team on Sunday.
I texted Carter's coach, "I don't like who I turn into when we play them."

He texts back, "I think you forgot a p."

I looked back in my sent messages folder and saw that what I actually texted was, "I don't like who I turn into when we lay them." I have been giggling about this ever since.

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Engellant said...

What a perfect start to my Saturday morning. Good luck Playing (or whatever it is you do) them!!