Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's not often that I see a kid at my school wearing t-shirt with a saying on it that I would want myself. With the way I feel today when I saw a kid wearing a shirt that said "I Found This Shirt on the Floor of My Closet," I wanted to ask him where he got it! But he is a first grader with a speech impediment so I thought that would probably not give me the results I needed.

Also, have you seen this story? Well, here's how my brain works: I haven;t gotten responses back from some of the publishers I wrote to asking for ARCs. I got one response back from a lady saying she would send me one with a few others I might like. So cool. That was the 11th of February. Almost a month ago. What if some of my books are part of the missing mail? (Of course, I might not be getting books at all so I guess I can't be thinking this way, but I always have hope!).

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