Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball'ed Out

Carter has played in basketball for the last nine days. He started last Saturday and played straight through until this Sunday (not a game each day, as Wednesday was a practice). We had rotary games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday where we finally lost out in an overtime game. I can't believe how much I enjoyed coaching these boys this year. We had a lot of fun. BUT, I am glad I don't have to coach anymore because this past week was way too emotional.

This weekend we had a fun tournament in Whitefish--lost two and won two. I just have to say that Carter did a great job, his defense is really good right now, and I am seeing improvement in a lot of skills. What I love most is his attitude on the court. He focuses and works hard, but he does not have poor sportsmanship. He makes me proud.

Also, I had an outstanding Sunday. We didn't play our last game until 5pm and I got a bunch of things done. The sun sure gives energy. The highlight of this weekend, though, was when I went to church and left for Carter and Max (I let them sleep in) a small list of things to do, namely pick up their clothes and toys so I could pick up and clean when I got home. Well, they picked up everything and vacuumed the stairs. It is times like that when I realize I must be doing something right!!

I know I was planning to do better posting in March and I totally failed last week, sorry peeps!

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