Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Carter has his own swear word. Whenever he needs to say soemthign strong he says, "Screwy." Not sure where he came up with it, but that's what he uses. I would be surprised to find out he has ever said and actual swear word, but then again, I am naive. He told me a lot of kids at the middle school swear. I was talking to one of Carter's friends from the middle school and asked him if his mom reads his texts. He told me she does. So I asked him if there was ever anything inappropriate and he said sometimes. When I asked what he said swear words. I was just shocked. I am not sure why I was shocked, I just was.

I think Max has said a few things just to see what they feel like. Last summer I told him he could say "Damn," but only at home (or maybe it was crap, I am not sure), but he quickly over used it so I told him he had to stop. I don't think he makes a habit of it because he is pretty quick to let me know when he hears another child saying swear words.

Anyway, I asked Carter if he ever gets made fun of for saying screwy and he said sometimes, but he always tells me he doens't really care what others think. Man, I hope he keeps thinking that way!!

Old picture of the day: 2003 walking down Big Mountain after riding the chair lift up. Max is smiling here, but he whined a lot on the way down! Good times.

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