Monday, February 08, 2010


Max came up to me the other day and confessed that he was playing "naughty games" on the computer. Not sure this counts, but I am glad he shared.

He and his friend did a good job with their invention. They totally did it on their own and although they didn't win, they had a good time and were very proud of what they did. If it is not apparent enough from the pictures, they built a dog ball thrower.

We had so much fun last night. We played the BEST Super bowl betting game. Keep this in mind for your parties next year.

1. Pull out 10 cards in sequence from a deck of cards (ace through 10).
2. Everyone who wants to play pays $1.00 to buy a card.
3. The winner is the person whose number matches the last digit of the number of the person who scores (ace being 1 and ten being 0).
for example: if you have the #3 card and #23 scores, you win the pot!
4. After every score you put the cards back in, pay another dollar and buy a new card.

This game rocks because you are cheering for a score, doesn't matter which team. And there can be lots of chances to win, not just one winner at the end.
I guess if I was really invested in one team or the other I might not play this because I wouldn't want the other team to score. But when you don't really care, it's the best!!

The commercials were not very good at all this year. Don't you agree?

But, the best part about having people up for a party is that now my house is clean!!

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Engellant said...

You forgot to invite us!! Just kidding.Tell Max great job on his invention.