Monday, February 22, 2010

I know this winter I have not been great about posting daily so that is one of my goals for March. I am going to practice this week...

*I think our USA winter Olympians are better looking than our summer Olympians. Maybe that's just me. Carter is in love with Gretchen Bleiler. This has been a really fun Olympics to watch, don't you agree?

*It is amazing what the sun can do for your spirit in this valley. I love that it is staying light a little later in the evening and that it gets lighter earlier in the morning. But, I love that on Saturday I got the energy and desire to organize one of our storage rooms in the basement--rather than wait for spring break like I originally planned.

*As wild and busy as January and February have been I am not looking forward to the first weekend in March (except for seeing Jo & Jack & JP--they will be here then). We have a traveling team tournament (here in town), an indoor soccer tournament, and I have to work at the Summit. Not too bad, it sounds like, but I just found out that Carter's traveling team is hosting their gym for the tournament that weekend. This is really good because we get a lot of money from doing that--entrance fees and concession stuff. Since our coach pays for everything--uniforms & tournament fees-I am glad to do this to get some more money for the team. But, of course, I am in charge of this. So that means planning and getting volunteers. Last year we did this and it went really well...hopefully it will go just as well this year.*Old picture of the week. Man, he was darling. Right now I am PMS-ing so I am super emotional, but those Parenthood commercials (for the new TV show that starts after the Olympics), the ones that say "parenthood is...short" make me tear up. How about you?


Engellant said...

- I still check this every day and you've been missed! Let's get together the midst of all your tournaments and various commitments!

Jana said...

I would love to do lunch sometime soon. And I promise, promise to do better. I hate to disappoint!!