Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every time they show a clip of the Canadian figure skater I tear up. What an emotional story. I want her to medal just because of that!

Last night we played a rotary game. Let me explain about our team. I started coaching some of them in third grade, in fourth grade I started coaching some more and in fifth grade I got the rest. So this is the second year with this exact team. We are good. I can say that because we are. I have ten boys and it is set up with two "teams" of five. Last night we played a team that we had played and killed earlier on in the season. So, when we ended the first quarter in a tie and under 10 points I was a little ticked. I put in the "team" Carter is on for the second quarter. Carter wanted to play guard so I let him and he goes in and takes two shots from the outside. This in itself I do not mind because he is a decent shot. What ticked me off is that he didn't follow his shot for a rebound. So I yelled this loudly and in a pretty ticked off tone. He and the other kid switched so he was playing post and I tell you what, he sure rebounded better. But he was mad at me for yelling like that and today I am mad at myself. I do yell a lot as a coach, but mostly it is positive and lots of time it is with a joking tone. Like if they make a freethrow that doesn't count because they step over the line I will yell that they owe me 5 push-ups--stuff like that. A few times this year Carter has told me I yell at him too much, but my assistant coach (who is not Scott) said I yell at everyone, not just Carter. I told him that when I am not his coach he can tell me to stop yelling, but as long as I am coaching I am allowed to yell. He does understand this, but I can't say it makes him happy. He did tell me he prefers me to Scott as a coach but I think that's because Scott is coaching him in indoor soccer right now and instead of letting them just kill every team he puts restricts on them, like the ball has to be passed to every player before they can shoot. That pisses all the boys off, but makes them better!

Okay, that is way longer than I meant it to be...For old picture of today, check out my facebook account. I put on pictures from past family reunions on my mom's side. Some of my cousins are a little ticked at me...

Have a good day!!

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