Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sorry I have been silent. I haven't been silent in my life, I can tell you that!
I still have the rash. Today it is definitely less bumpy though, so I am not going in to the doctor. But I can tell you if I don't get more sleep tonight I might be going in for other illnesses! The boys and I went to Helena for basketball this weekend. We had a blast. The drive there was kind of scary, roadwise, but I never once thought I should turn around. I just had to pay attention.
Carter's basketball team played in a tournament. They got second. It's the first time his traveling team has played a game since early December and it showed! It took us a whole game to warm up to each other again, but then it was great to watch. Carter did well and had a blast. AS much as he might complain about going to practices, he loves being on that team, and it is a fun, good group of parents as well.
Today I am providing treats for a birthday at school. I love doing the treats, but I never get it decorated like other people do. On the other hand, I may not decorate but I never just run to Costco to get my treats like so many other do.
I made 3 sweet things and 3 savory things. I did mini chocolate cupcakes, fruity rice krispy bars (fruity pebbles and fruit loops--these are awesome--another good combo is fruity pebbles and crunch berries) and these. Then I made dill pickle dips (with ruffles potato chips), pepper/onion relish spread (that Harry & David stuff with cream cheese) and a cheese spread. I think it will go over well!
Have a good one!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like his dad, Scott always liked the competition but not the practice.