Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sea World was a lot of fun once we finally got to go. The first time we went the power went out so we left and went to the zoo. That was wonderful and all photos from the zoo are courtesy of Carter who had a great time taking pictures all day (zoo pictures added!). The next day we decided to not go to the Wild Animal Park because the boys really wanted to visit the beach again. This time we went to La Jolla Beach. It was so much fun! The last day was for Sea World. That was amazing. When we went to the Shamu show we sat right next to the platform the whales would come up onto. We also petted Bat Rays and held star fish. The Shark Encounter was also really cool.

We went to Las Vegas from San Diego. The boys and I went to the M & M's store (Carter's eyes were huge) and the Titanic Museum. It was so neat. There was an actual piece of the ship on display. Max loved it.

We drove all the night to get home and were all finally relieved when we arrived. It was such an amazing trip. We had a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Happy New Year all!


Marni said...

Maybe it's just the bald head, but it Shamu's trainer totally looks like Scott :-)

Anonymous said...

Jana - so glad you all had fun, can't wait to hear all the details!! Court