Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Planner

So, for the last week I have been trying to figure out a new organizational system for this year. Previously I used one of these that had the whole month laid out. But I was finding that I didn't have enough space for all that was going on in our family some days, or weeks. I wanted a calendar that had each week laid out. The problem with the ones I was finding was that Saturday and Sunday was a shared space. Since when are mothers less busy on the weekend? Then I experimented with trying to find a printable one online. I check this site and got some good ideas, but nothing I really loved. One of the sites had some ideas for making your own planner, which I really liked the idea of because I know what I want. So, I thought I'd give it a try!
I am so pleased with the results. Check it out! (it is still a work in progress):
(I used the hard cardboard pieces that come when you print enlargements at Costco for the front and back covers. But the price of binding them also comes with a cover so I added a frosted cover over the top of my cardboard cover to the front, nothing to the back)Here's the inside, the part I created. Each week opens to a meal/grocery/things to do page on the left and a weekly page on the right. I already added in the weeks (lower right hand box) then an inspiring or funny quote below that. That is what took time, changing the quote, weekly dates and fonts for each month. I didn't add the individual dates for each day on the computer but did write them in later. The only change I would make (so far) is to do the days vertically rather than horizontally. Here are printable/up close versions of each page (the weekly ones do not have dates or quotes so if you want to make your own you can download and do them yourself!): Meal Planner, Weekly-Horizontal Days, Weekly-Vertical Days.

So, I am very happy with it overall but time will tell if it actually helps me be more organized!!


Anonymous said...

Jana, You've inspired me. I love the idea of creating your own planner. I always use the same one because I can't find one that I totally love. I agree about the weekends, why are those days always smaller? I want to make my own planner too, I might need to call you for help though.

I want to know where you find the time for everything? Now you are making cookies monthly for families. You are crazy ~ but thoughtful.


Jana said...

I don't sleep enough and I am not the greatest housekeeper.