Monday, January 11, 2010

I remember there was a day, in this very town, when I went to school dressed in long shorts (down to me knees) with long socks pulled up (argyle) (it sounds stupid but it was the 80's and it was totally preppy--for Montana). My mom was called to bring me different clothes because shorts were "not allowed."

Carter has not worn pants once this year, except when it was below zero. He hated it so now if it is that cold he wears shorts with snow pants over the top, which he takes off when he gets to school.

I hurt my back this weekend, really bad. I am in a lot of pain. So, yesterday I asked Carter's traveling basketball coach for advice--he's a orthopedic doctor. This made me feel very guilty because I hate asking doctor's opinions about stuff when they are not at work. Then I got to thinking that a lot of people do that with Scott, and what is legal and what isn't. I guess that the big difference is that Scott doesn't normally get paid for his opinion on things, while a doctor does. Then I got to thinking that a lot of people, a lot, have started asking me for book suggestions for themselves or their children. So, I am now in an "after hours" profession where people seek me out. I am so cool!!!

(I doubt anyone feels guilty about asking me things when I am "off duty." Although, they probably wish they hadn't asked after about ten minutes of hearing me rattle off books that I love--it's kind of a subject I love talking about.)

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