Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My morning did not go well.
I stayed up way too late to finish a book, so I woke up really tired.
I was able to get the umph to do dishes and fold a load of clean clothes from the dryer, but the clean clothes really need to be put away in their respective closets and dressers. Realizing this I looked around to discover that on a whole, my house is a mess. It was just clean (on Thanksgiving) but now is really bad.
The only bra I can find to wear has a wire poking out of it which hurts, but it's all I can find.
My knees hurt from playing volleyball last night.
To sum up, I am feeling pretty lame.
Then, as I am looking at the boys pictures on the fridge (in a daze, mind you, while trying to think of what I am supposed to be doing, not because I am admiring them) and I notice something.
See if you can figure it out. It will be a game. First one to get it gets a prize. (sorry for the quality...I had to take pictures of the pictures, not enough time to scan them).

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