Sunday, December 27, 2009

Montana Boys and the Ocean

We stopped by the beach today before heading to Legoland. Max stayed dry for about 10 minutes. They had so much fun in the surf and by the time we left they were both soaked. Legoland was, to be honest, kind of stupid. I didn't have high expectations because I had heard it wasn't great, but it was less than great. Max did enjoy himself, though and spent every last cent of his money on legos...he bought 12 sets total between Disneyland and Legoland. It was fun watching Max run around Legoland.
One thing I have learned about traveling with two boys, audiobooks are worth their weight in gold. Anytime they would get rowdy we would turn on whatever story we were listening to and they would get sucked right in. We listened to The Hunger Games, and all of them loved it. Now we are listening to The Lightning Thief, and they already are sucked in.
We also think that one of the pairs of headphones that came with our car fell out at one of our stops and we lost it.
Lastly, I just read the comment Corie wrote to my post belowe about what I read in 2009. Thanks for sticking up for me!!


Grandma Jo said...

More great pictures, keep them coming. What memories you are making!

Grandma Jo said...

More great pictures, keep them coming. What great memories you are making!

Engellant said...

So glad you made room for beach time in your schedule. Looks like they loved it! That's what we did unexpectedly hours before we flew home and it was truly a highlight for the kids - completely worth the sandy shoes and soggy clothes! Happy Bday, Scott.