Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disney Days 2 & 3

We started out on Christmas having our character breakfast at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland. We saw so many characters. Then we spent the bulk of Christmas day at California Adventures, which we all enjoyed except Carter. We rode Tower of Terror and all loved it, except Carter. He liked it okay. Soaring Over California was amazing and The Grizzle River Run was fun. Scott & Max loved California Screamin' and rode it about ten times over the two days. We watched the fireworks at the main park on Christmaas night then dropped into our beds and fell fast asleep. It was packed at Disneyland on Christmas day, so spending time at California Adventures was nice because it was not nearly as busy. We did our last Magic Morning yesterday and got a lot of rides in at the main park before it got too busy, then we went back to California Adventures. It was just nice bouncing around and hitting all the things we wanted to do again. We also saw the University of Oregon football team there enjoying the day before all the rose bowl craziness. We also saw the Ohio State team. That was pretty cool. Now we are hanging out at our San Diego hotel before prepping for Legoland!

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