Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney Day One

Today was so much fun. We started out getting into the park an hour early due to the Magic Morning we got to attend because we are staying at a Disneyland hotel (Paradise Pier). We got to ride everything we wanted to and some way more than expected. My favorite is Splash Mountain, which we ended up being able to ride about 7 times. Apparently it's too cold in the mornings and evenings for most people to ride and get wet. Not us! The rest of my family loves Space Mountain. I rode it once, but didn't love it. They were able to ride it three or four more times. We met up with a family from Kalispell who was here for the day (one of Carter's best friends) so we spent the day enjoying the park with them. Tomorrow we have a character breakfast in the park and then plan to spend the bulk of our time at California Adventures. The highlight of the day for me and Max, though, was the Jedi Training Academy. I thought we'd have to go a bunch of times until Max got picked, but he was picked the first time! He got to wear a robe, be trained by a Jedi Master and fought Darth Maul! So much fun!! I haven't gotten a lot of pictures yet, but tons of my little Jedi. We are pooped tonight and the boys just passed out. Have a great Christmas everyone!!

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