Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Okay, there is soooo much I am thankful for, like all the basics, family, friends, home, food, etc...

Tonight I am thankful for TV and our Wii. I bought us Super Mario Bros. and all four of us played together for an hour tonight, it was fun and Super Mario Bros. is as much fun as I remember it!

I am thankful for this recipe. Let's just call them Idiot Proof Cinnamon Rolls. I know because I really tried to mess them up! I started out by halving the dough, but I didn't, I accidentally put the full amount of milk in, so then as I was adding the flour I had to add more vegetable oil, sugar and another packet of yeast. At this point I was quite certain that I had totally screwed them up, but low and behold, the dough did rise! Then we rolled them out and they looked horrible, all flat and floppy, but again those little buggers surprised me and baked fine and pretty! Now I am waiting for them to cool a bit so I can eat one!

I am thankful for coffee on Saturday mornings with my friend Nicole. We used to walk, but along the way we switched to just having coffee. I do think we need to go back to walking, but maybe not until spring.

I am really grateful for the fact that when I look through holiday magazines and catalogs I can smile and think I don't have to decorate or cook because we are going on vacation!! But, I am getting a lot of ideas for next year!

And, I am super thankful for all of you!


Renn said...

Back at 'ya my friend! OX

Nicole said...

I'm grateful for Saturday morning coffees too!! :)