Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know this sounds kind of lame, but I actually like it when I wake up and my hair is standing up all over the place. It means I slept really good.

So, someone told me I wasn't updating as much. It is true, I could give you all the basics excuses, but mostly it's because I do not have as much inspiration lately. I am thinking that as things get closer to Christmas that will change. The funny thing is I am spending as much time as ever on the computer! But today I will show you these SUPER cool cards I made. Now that I have done a couple (and wrote down all the measurements) I am going to sit down and just make a bunch without the sayings so I can throw them together at the last minute. This one is a condolence card for a friend of my mom's whose mom died.

This is the outside--made with colored vellum so you can see the hint of patterned paper on the inside. The front can say anything ...I also made a birthday one that just said happy birthday. The inside is a white card with a piece of patterned paper glued to the front. The saying is on the inside of the white card. Aren't the awesome?

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