Friday, October 09, 2009

Where's Jana?

Well, Carter was sick most of the week. I stayed home Monday due to a blistering headache. I was able to get some good rest and was feeling much better by Tuesday morning. But, Carter called me at lunchtime on Monday needing to come home and was out until this morning--fever, really sore throat, coughing. One of the motivating factors for him needing to get well was the fact that his football team was scheduled to play the other team that has a lot of his friends on it on Saturday. Then, as you all know, it dumped snow all night and although nothing has been confirmed, I am assuming our football game will be canceled.

Also, Max needs new boots and snowpants. Carter also because although he won't wear his to school I am going to assume that he'll want to sled sometime this winter.

Snow goes down (mentally) a little easier when I listen to A Winter's Solstice on the way to school. It makes it feel more winter-y, not that I am ready for winter, mind you. I still haven't done our annual Autumn portraits. It's supposed to get nice again next week and since we don't have school on Thursday or Friday I will get them taken then.

I want to get another pair of my favorite winter shoes. I love the ones I have want wear them constantly. It's time for a new color! (I can't find them--an older model I guess, but they are keens)

Last night I didn't get a single TV show watched. Instead, my husband and I hung out and chatted! I know, weird right?! It was very nice.

Lastly, I pulled another first grade tooth out yesterday. I am the "go-to" teacher in the school for this operation. I pulled one out earlier that was gross, it kind of crunched when it came out, but the little girl did not flinch or act at all as if it hurt her. It bled a TON! Yesterday's was much easier and right at the point where I think he would have told me to stop because it was hurting, it came out. I think he was pretty excited. It gave me back my tooth pulling confidence.

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zdoodlebub said...

You totally made our day! Thanks for pulling E's tooth! Some may think I should be more sad about the baby teeth falling out...but seeing the huge gap up top makes my heart SING! So cute! Thank you!