Monday, October 26, 2009

Scott's soccer team lost on Friday and did not make it to the state tournament. I feel so bad for him and his girls. It was such a frustrating season for him because he could not find a way to motivate them and there were a few poor attitudes that kind of worked like a virus and spread through out the team. There was also a lack of positive leadership that really became apparent as the season went on. I hope that next year's crew took note and will do what they can to be the positive influence the younger girls need because they will have a lot of talent next year and could do amazing things.

On the other hand, we were beatne by Hellgate (from Missoula). I have never minded Hellgate (unlike Big Sky who I have always disliked). Their coach told the Missoulian that for two years they have had a good team and have never been able to beat Flathead so it was an "honor" for them to finally win one (I just wish it hadn't been the play-off game). But, I have to say that after watching what our town has gone through splitting one high school into two I have a soft spot for Hellgate. They are the Flathead of Missoula, what was the first school that had to watch as two other schools splintered off from them. So when Hellgate wins something I am a bit pleased to see taht eventually we (Flathead) will have winning season again, it just takes a little bit of time and a lot of growing pains!

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