Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Round Up

First of all, I loved The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural. So glad new TV is on again!!

On Saturday we had Pete's Fall Fest (Max ran the mile, I did not watch and cheer, nice mom), Carter had soccer, Max had soccer, Scott had soccer and Carter had football. The big news is that Max actually got the game. He was after the ball, aggressive and came off the field saying he had a blast. He even can't wait for his next game! My dad and I kept wondering if we were watching the right kid...

Carter did good, but here's a cool thing...the team he is on has a lot of lower level soccer players, kids that do good, but don't have the experience of Carter and a few of the others. Anyway, we were killing the other team so in the last quarter Carter gave up a few easy goals to pull it back and pass to others for a chance. As we left the game I was complimenting him on being so unselfish and he says, "well, it's really not my time, it's time for the others to get some playing in. I get all spring to play." Awwww.

Also, Carter didn't end up giving his friend the bracelet because he couldn't work up the nerve. On Thursday I had to pick him up from school and we saw her mom chatting with some people, so we drove by and gave it to her to pass along. She was wearing it on Friday and did go up and thank Carter. The cutest moment came when we were giving Carter's friend Tiana a ride hom from Youth Group on Wednesday and Carter showed her the bracelet and she said, "Awwww." Which was what I told Carter most girls would do when they found out he made it for his friend! It was so funny.

Scott's team tied both games. He was super frustrated with their playing on Friday, but the did better on Saturday. Not a great start for the team, but soon they will pop and be amazing. There is a lot of talent and ablility on that team!

Today I made these:

I saw them on this website and since I live nowhere near Las Vegas decided to make them myself (scroll down, they are called Hop Scotch). I made a mini version, but basically they are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting dipped in butterscotch ganache. YUM, and sweet!

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