Monday, September 21, 2009

This Week in TV

This is the week that the majority of the new TV shows start. I am already tired and it hasn't even started. Because along with having tons of TV to watch and being really into two books I am reading, I also have three meetings, a dentist appointment, one soccer game (Wednesday), one football game (Friday) and two more soccer and one more football game(s) on Saturday. The nice thing about those is that we will be done with our Saturday activities before noon!

Anyway, here's the run down: (I am too lazy to link all the shows. check this out instead: new shows & returning shows)

Tonight: Monday night comedies on CBS, Castle on ABC (although I originally was going to watch Accidentally on Purpose it got such horrid reviews that I am not going to).

Tuesday: NCIS: LA and The Good Wife (maybe 90210)

Wednesday: (big night and of course this week Scott's team plays on Wednesday evening)
Hank, The Middle, Criminal Minds, Cougartown, Modern Family, Eastwick, Law & Order SVU (which doesn't start until next week, thankfully), Glee

Thursday: Another big night
Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Flash Forward, The Office, Community, The Mentalist


Saturday & Sunday: catch up!!

I love TV.


zdoodlebub said...

Aren't you watching Big Bang Theory! It was hilarious!

zdoodlebub said...

oh, nevermind...I missed the "CBS comedies..." Of course you saw it!