Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Random

*I think I am going to start only writing in print because lately my cursive looks sloppy and bad. Preferably print with a fine point Sharpie.

*I loved Glee last night, but I have to say I am so excited for tonight that I can barely stand being at work. Although if I was at home I would only have one option to make the hours pass until then...nap. So it's good I am working.

*The jv and varsity soccer teams are coming to my house for dinner tonight. Luckily, the assistant coach's wife helps out so it actually is pretty easy...and again, it will make the time go faster till tonight's season premieres!

*Even though I have a lot of books on my to read shelf I still check my holds from the library to see if any have come in. It's stupid!

*I am in the mood to go to a movie, there just isn't anything much I want to see!

*I can't wait until I get paid next Costco list is huge!!

1 comment:

zdoodlebub said...

What about seeing "Extract?" I think we're going to see it tomorrow...I think it looks hilarious.