Monday, August 31, 2009


We went fishing on Sunday and I rowed and read while the boys played and helped Scott fish. When we were done Scott told me he wanted me to put the picture of his fish on my blog. So, I will add that later. But here's the exciting news...10 days until Supernatural!! I cannot wait because last season was so good and it ended on such a good cliffhanger that it is the show I am most looking forward to!

Also, Corie, read this post because I have cast Po and Gale (same guy could do both).

Also, if I am counting summer as Memorial Day to Labor Day I read 30 books, with probably two more this week. If I am counting it as schools out to back-to-school I only read 28. And some of those were even adult books!


zdoodlebub said...

I am excited about Supernatural, too. But I am MOST excited about Glee. :)

Corie said...

Ok, I can see this guys as Gale.. Totally... But not thinking him for Po... To me I pictured Po as lighter hair, bulkier, tattooed, tanned and a bit older (late 20s, after all Katsa is in her twenties) I would love him to be David Boreanez (but might be a bit too old)... I am thinking on him.

Did you read Wicked Lovely?? I can't remember? I have 2 guys for that flick if it is ever made... for Keenan... Chad Micheal Murray.. and for Seth... Drew Seeley.. (I've probably been watching too much Disney with my kids lately). But check them out.. I'd put the link on here if I could... but can't figure it out.