Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Good Stuff

Let's focus on the good stuff tonight because I feeling like a horrible mother. I had to ban Carter and Max from being in the same room tonight because all they do is fight and then I blow up. I hate it.

So, here we go:

*we hiked twice in the park this week with friends and had an awesome time both days. I loved going on those hikes!

*it is getting dark these days by 9:30 which is great because now that it is hot again our house cools off earlier!

*I am seeing more and more geese, which you know I love.

*Nicole and I taught a blogging class today and did a great job. I love teaching people quick and easy things about computers because they always seem impressed.

*I teach another blogging class tomorrow morning.

*I started working on my fall TV schedule.

*Carter got his schedule for next year--and an enormous school supply list (ca-ching). He also got a call from a girl tonight asking him (on behalf of another girl) what team he was on (the sixth grade is divided into three teams and you basically only have classes with the other kids on your team--he is on Gems).

*I am perfectly happy with our summer. We made a lot of memories and did pretty much everything we set out to do (except for an overnight raft trip). I am ready for fall and the start of school!


zdoodlebub said...

The title of this post describes YOU! :) You are not a horrible mother. We just have horrible children sometimes. Ha! Just kidding! Can't wait to start seeing you around the hall again. And most importantly, when does Glee start?

Renn said...

Who would of ever guessed between the 4 of us girls we'd have so many beautiful, wonderful kids?!?!?! Even though they fight, they're still wonderful and even though we get mad at them, we're still wonderful mothers! I mean who doesn't separate their kids and lock themselves in the bathroom for a while?!?! Love ya!