Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day

Carter walked down to the bus by himself this morning. He hasn't ridden the bus much from home because I always dropped them off or they rode from my school. Couldn't do that this year since his school starts at the time I need to be at my school. But, he was excited to get off and go and there are two other middle schoolers at his stop. The big issue is that at the end of the day to ride the bus home he is to get on it when school is out at 3:00 and after several stops he will get dropped off at the end of our road (3.4 miles away from the middle school) at 4:20. Almost an hour and a half on the bus. For some reason this bothers me...
Anyway, I am working on an alternate means of transportation...there are several options. For now, I pray that he has a great first day and that Max also has a great first day and that he loves his new teacher!!

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