Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

I HAVE labored, all day.

Tonight I am having 30+ members of Scott's soccer team over for dinner. Their first home game is tomorrow. I am making Cavatini, which is a great pasta dish that makes a TON, but takes a bit of time to make, and I had to double the recipe. The nice thing is that they come after practice and eat and leave ("They come, they eat, they leave" the movie that quote is from). So, it is fast and furious and quick and then we are done. The assistant coach's wife always helps me out so I just do the main dish and dessert. Sara does the bread, salad and orange kool-aid.

I read The Good Thief the other day and LOVED it. It's a grown up book (shocker) and so good. And today I watched The Jane Austen Book Club. I LOVED it also. What a good movie. I have never had much of a desire to be in a book club because I don't really like discussing the things I watch or read. I like sharing them, especially when they are great, but I don't like chatting about them. This movie totally made me want to start a Jane Austen book club (and I dont' love reading Austen either, go figure). I am sure it will wear off in a few days.

Hope you all had productive Labor Days, or relaxing ones. Back to the grind tomorrow. Scott's first game is tomorrow, playing Hellgate. Fingers crossed for a decent season!!

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