Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whew. Glad that week is over. Too much going on and then to add a house guest all week was crazy. It was a good experience, though.

I got to spend a bunch of time in my library and got to spend about $300 buying books so that I can start the year out with some new ones for kids. It is a work in progress and it will take quite a bit of time to get it in the kind of shape I want it to be in but it will happen.

This is my mom and dad's new dog Tinker. She is so precious, but has been feeling kind of sick lately. I hope she gets better soon. The boys LOVE going over and playing with her.

I have discovered that I have no fashion sense (actually I always knew this, it just reared it's ugly head this week when I went to buy some pants for school)(I have always been the kind of shopper that finds something she likes and then buys it in every color). I think that it is partly because I really hate clothes shopping, but even when I go in to buy something I just lack the ability to put an attractive outfit together. I am really glad that I am a teacher so that I technically do not have to dress too fancy, but I wish I some ability!

I have been seeing some great flocks of geese flying by, a sure sign of fall. Also, the sun is going down earlier and earlier. I love it. It makes me thrive!!

I also have been watching the second season of Supernatural to get myself prepped for the upcoming season. I spent a bit of time the other day planning out my fall watching. If you dare to check it out, click here. (If it shocks any of you, just remember I was raised without TV and although I read a TON, I also can't get enough, cautionary tale for you all!) I am just going by shows I know I will watch and new ones I thing I will watch. I will change a bit before the season actually starts.


zdoodlebub said...

Dude, you and I are the people for whom DVRs were invented. Didn't know you were raised without TV. I was raised on a farm with only three channels...same thing, pretty much.

Some thoughts:
- thanks to you and my aunt, who talked to me about Big Bang Theory at almost the exact same's on my list of series recordings.

- I, too, plan to check out Fringe (Joshua Jackson - picture me making the cougar roar sound - or don't, if that's too weird for you.)

- Thinking of giving Dirty Sexy Money another chance, but I was starting to lose interest before the writers' strike.

- check, check, check everything on Thursday nights (except for Life on Mars, don't know that one. And am newly addicted to CSI after finding out my grandma watches it religiously. The DVR is going to have smoke coming out of it on Thursday nights!)

- DYOOOOD, I just heard about True Blood, set it as a series and AM SO EXCITED!

zdoodlebub said...

Oh, and what? No Heroes!?

jana said...

Forgot about Heroes. I will be adding it. Actually have seen the first episodes of Fringe and True Blod, can give them to you but you have to watch them on your computer, not transcoded for DVD. Life on Mars was a HIGHLY addicting show on BBC and I love Jason O'Mara so I am giving the American version a chance. The premise is totally trippy.