Monday, August 04, 2008

The Wedding

1. The bridesmaids all dressed up. The collage cut off my cousin Brittany but they all looked so pretty.

2. This is the best man Nate. He is Carter's new hero. He helped him out with his job as junior groomsman, looked out for him during pictures and was just generally cool to Carter. He is also just a great guy and role model. If he lived in our town I would have him over for dinner once a week. We adore Nate.

3. Drew (the groom) and his dad (my Uncle Jim).

4. My Auntie Patty at the reception room. We went and checked it out before the wedding.

5-7. Carter and the groomsmen. He wasn't so sure about wearing yellow on the tux (he was hoping for blue or green) but since it wasn't his choice he sucked it up and went with it.

7. The groomsman behind Carter is also named Nate. Carter thought he was so funny. He came back from the pictures and said that the groomsmen were swearing. I asked him what they were saying but he wouldn't tell me the words. Then he said that the dark haired Nate told the blonde Nate to stop swearing in front of Carter. Again, I love that Nate (picture #2).

8. Carter and grandpa. This cut off most of my dad's face but this was a very cute picture. Carter did a bit of ushering at the beginning and end of the wedding.

9 & 10. My men and my men and me.

11. Holy smokes, Carter danced. He danced a TON! He mostly danced with cousins that were younger than him, and some on his own, but he just CUT RUGS. I think deep down he wanted to ask Jaclyn (junior bridesmaid) to dance but he didn't quite work up the nerve for that. It helps that all of us told him that one thing girls like is guys who can dance, or even if they can't dance, are willing to try. This is him dancing with the bride.

12. My husband only dances at wedding if he has has some liquid courage. Of course, he adores Jami and wouldn't pass up the chance to dance with her!

13. Brittany and Drew, my baby cousins, all grown up.

14-16. Scott also wouldn't pass up the chance to dance with Drew. Then Carter danced with Britt and Scott danced with his niece (my sister's daughter) Samantha.

Max petered out way early and went to the room to bed. Luckily the reception was at the Convention Center which was attached to the hotel we were staying at so he was able to go to bed. I let Carter stay up until almost the bitter end because he was part of the wedding. Then I walked to a bookstore a few blocks away with my 13 year old cousin to buy Breaking Dawn which came out at midnight. She just better remember that I did that for her for a long time. Someday I will call in that favor.

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Renn said...

So i just want to know if you got Angie's autograph and quizzed her about playing for Tenn. When are the Lady Vols playing Gonzaga. Izzy, Maggie and I are going!!!! Wasn't Drew like only 3 or 4 when we camped out in their backyard???