Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, I still don't have a picture of Craig, our Scottish soccer coach. I will get one to post soon. We are having a great time with him and all of the other coaches. Our kids are super tired and this is the first night that we get to just lay low. Craig and Scott are going to host a poker party for all of the coaches on Friday night. It will be busy, but then we get the weekend to recoup before school starts!

I got to spend $150 on books for my library today!!! My first big purchase. How great it was to just pile up the books and buy them. I actually am going to spend quite a bit at Borders tomorrow. I have an account that the old librarian built up quite a bit so I am going to go get some new books and hopefully have them ready for that second week of school. I don't like starting before labor day, but I do like having a few days of school and then having three days so I can re-evaluate what needs to be done.

I get to spend the next two days there and should be able to get a lot done.

Nicole and I taught our class today. Here's a link to our tutorial. We got a lot of good responses and I think more than a few people will be running them for their classrooms!

Now, I am off to put the boys to bed and take a bath (Scott and Craig are out at a "pub" tonight--I am going to get him a Moose's shirt to send home with him--he is VERY funny--great sense of humor!).

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