Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I started a career on Guitar Hero and was simply cruising through the easy level. I even beat Slash when he challenged me for a battle--on the first try. THEN...
I hit Raining Blood. Holy Nuts (as Carter would say)!! That is a hard song.

Next week we have a week long soccer camp (well, WE don't, but Carter does) and we are hosting a coach here. He is SCOTTISH. I am so excited. I had been expecting a Brit, but I get the Scot. Wahoo.

Football for Carter starts on THURSDAY! Oh wow. I am not sure I am ready for him to be a football player. I don't know that I would have wanted him to play soccer either, because I didn't know the sport AT ALL. But I did change on that when I married a soccer player from Oregon and he quickly decided to coach the sport and Carter was dragged to games from day 1. Now I am comfortable with soccer. I know that sport. I LOVE watching soccer. I have watched plenty of football, but now I actually have to PAY ATTENTION!!!

Speaking of soccer, it starts for Scott on Monday. Goodbye summer. He is a bit depressed at the prospects of this season since the big two high school change in the town took all of his soccer players to the "other" school. I just remind him this will truly show what kind of coach he is.

Max finally said I could dye his hair orange. I am thinking of using the kool-aid dye method. Anyone ever tried that?

Rennifer: No I didn't get Angie's autograph and Tennessee plays Gonzaga on December 30. Two days after Scott turns 40 and his whole family will be here. Guess can't go to the game? (sob, sob, sob)

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Renn said...

It's Tennesee!!!!! If your family knows and loves you at all, they would understand!!! It would be an all girls trip and would have to be fast because my youngest son's bday is the next day. Welcome to my world, by the way, I lost my husband to football last week and see him for about an hour every night. And you know how I lose an appliance at the beginning of every season, my stove went out yesturday with a house full of company. Love your new car!! OX