Sunday, August 03, 2008


1. Carter and the Junior Bridesmaid (cute couple: Carter even decided that Jaclyn was a hottie).

2. Cutest Junior Groomsman ever.

3. Carter and the Bjorklund sisters: Jami (the bride on the left) plays for the women's Gonzaga basketball team. She will be a senior next year and she has started for the past three years. Angie (maid of honor and Jami's sister on the right) plays for Tennessee (the reigning NCAA champs). She started in her first game as a freshman-one of like 5 women ever to do that for Tennessee.

4. The Schaefer women (Schaefer being my mom's maiden name). Jami (the new one), my Auntie Karen (married to my Uncle Larry--she is also so witty and very dirty. When someone said that Uncle Larry can "hold his own" she said"yes he can but it is nasty habit when he does it...") and my Auntie Patty (married to my Uncle Jim--she is also the mother-of-the groom).

5. My mom (in purple) and her siblings. They all grew up in Scobey Montana and can keep us in stitches when they tell us stories of growing up.

6. The groomsmen: They were so good to Carter. I was in love them because when someone is nice to your child they are automatically endeared to you. Carter's favorite was Nate the one on the left. Drew, the groom is fourth from the left in the light blue shirt. He gave them leathermen tools engraved with their names as gifts. Carter got one also and thought it was the absolute coolest thing ever. So cool in fact that yesterday when he was using the knife without our knowledge he cut into his wrist. Probably could have used stitches but since we were prepping to leave Spokane we decided to butterfly it and let it go. (picture of wound to follow)(also, when I think back on looking at the cut right after he did it and seeing the blood oozing from a deep cut on my firstborn's wrist, I kind of get sick).

7. The bridesmaids. My cousin Brittany (and Drew's sister) is the one in the red. Before she was born (when I was 12) I was the youngest cousin on my mom's side. Luckily I was old enough to not care about losing that distinction when she came along. She also lost it a few years later when Drew came along.

8. Carter and the junior bridesmaid--again.

9. The new family--my Uncle Jim was on the right and was cut off when I created the collage.

That's the rehearsal. Wedding photos to follow. We just had a blast seeing all the relatives and Scott and I discussed how we started dating when Drew was 6 years old and now he's married. We feel old!

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zdoodlebub said...

Wow, what a gorgeous family. Your mom and you son are both adorable.