Saturday, August 09, 2008

I LOVE Daniel Craig as James Bond. I only say this because I am watching Casino Royale now and he is just the best. There is an author who has started writing a series of books about a young James Bond and they are very good, which got me in the James Bond mood, which made me want to watch Casino get the picture.

All family almost all gone. We've had so many people here the last week and it has been fun, and hectic and BUSY, but tomorrow it will be an empty house once again. It gives me a week to get things ready because the last week and a half before school are going to be SUPER busy.

And the Olympics are on all day here. Carter is really into them. He gives me little updates all day long and throws out little trivia facts he learns. The only thing that tore him away from the TV today was that his friends' dad was putting up a zip line at their house. He had to go try that out.

Soon I will have to start planning my fall TV watching. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, though, because we got a DVR on our downstairs TV that can do two shows at once. So with that, the Tivo upstairs, and downloading I shouldn't miss anything. Yes, I love to be entertained!

I passed my first songs on Guitar Hero today. Something about my 6 year old niece being able to pass them made me want to work hard enough to do it and I did. Man, once it clicked, it really clicked and it's all I want to do. Now my fingers hurt and I see that screen when I close my eyes. Should be real productive around here tomorrow.

Summer pictures:
Carter: future raft guide. Scott has been teaching him to row and teaching him all the names of the rapids on the Middle Fork. He loves it.
Alex: contemplating the big jump--the bridge that is almost at West Glacier (not the highway bridge, this one it up the river a ways). She did it though, she jumped. I wouldn't even do that, what a stud!
All the cousins before the trip. It was a blast!

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