Sunday, August 10, 2008


By the way, this is my 600th post. I feel the need to congratulate myself for getting this many. I started this long ago to post scrapbooking pages for people to see, but have long since abandoned that (except every now and again). I know I do not have many readers, but the ones I have are pretty loyal. When I wasn't posting earlier this summer two of them told me they expect something from me everyday, and I am trying. Anyway...600, WOW!!!

Update on the wedding reception...

My sister's husband was not there so we were telling him about how Carter danced. I told Eric (my b-in-l) that I offered Carter $20 to dance with the junior bridesmaid but he wouldn't do it. Carter pipes up and says that Nate (the dark haired one, my crush, picture #2), offered him $18 to dance with her. So I said, you would have gotten almost $40 to dance with a girl and you still wouldn't do it, PATHETIC!! He just grinned. Little fart.

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