Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Song

just gets to reminds me of childhood and fall.

Sidebar: I really want the bike because it is pink. Some of you might wrinkle your nose at that, but remember that I live in a house that is all men. So, if I get something that is pink (and sparkly and jeweled) I get to keep it. If I get something that might appeal to one of the males in my house it usually ends up with them. This is my defense. So, I used to not be a pink girl at all, but it is now one of my favorite colors! (Although last year I made Carter take my purple dragonfly lunch box to school because he had left TWO others there and it was all I had left. When he got home and I asked him how it was using the girly lunch box he said he actually didn't mind because all the girls in his class thought it was really cool. He did bring home the others, though).

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zdoodlebub said...

I get you. House full of men here, too. Except the dog. She has a pink color. Can you believe my husband actually tried to put up a fight about that? He did draw the line at sparkle collars.

I'm relieved to hear that mine is not the only one who forgets his lunchbox.