Friday, July 04, 2008

So, Robyn and I were hanging out in my mom's kitchen last Thursday (before the ill-fated margarita incident) and I said something to which Robyn spelled out V-O-M-I-T. I was giggling over that when she said that she wanted to put that on her license plate. Then when people asked her why she put "Vomit" on her license she'd say, "Look in the mirror." I was in hysterics over that and then mom came in a glared at us (as she always does when it looks like we are having too much fun that could possibly be considered stupid or at her expense). That made us giggle more.

The relatives that are here for the weekend and my little family are all headed to Bigfork for the Fourth of July parade. It is the best parade ever. If you've never been to a small town parade, you must check it out some time. You will not be disappointed!

Happy Fourth and be safe!!

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