Monday, July 21, 2008


I have a thing about purses. I love them. But not like a celebrity loves them and changes them with each outfit. And I am not into real "designer" bags. In fact the latest one I have is this brand. But if I had a lot of money I would probably always buy really nice leather ones, like Dooney & Bourke or Coach. Anyway, I was cleaning my purse out this morning and realized what a mom purse I had. I remember being little and always wanting to go through my mom's purse. There was just something about it that made me want to snoop. I was always on the lookout for candy and then went through a big klepto phase where I stole money. I even remember thinking that someday when I had kids I would let them go through my purse whenever they want to. I actually do allow them to, unless it I am in a bad mood and it seems unnecessary at the time. But I know they are only really looking for gum.

Anyway, here's an inventory of my purse. I am also tagging Robyn and zdoodlebub to inventory their purses on their blogs (and anyone else who reads this who has a blog, but they are the only two I know of)(and anyone who wants to inventory theirs in the comments--feel free!).

*wallet (I am not going to inventory that but you can yours if you want--there are a lot of store cards and a few credit cards and lots of receipts and a prescription for synthroid from last November that I never got filled)
*bill payment that I cannot mail until Wednesday so that it won't go through too soon
*notebook for to do lists and Max's drawing when he is bored
*checkbooks (two for two different accounts) and Max and Carter's saving accounts deposits slips
*bite md stick
*small maglite flashlight
*tiny tupperware container holding pills (relpak for migraines, ibuprofen for aches and period cramps, immodium ad for digestive problems, aleve for bigger aches, and tylenol pm for in case I need it when I am traveling)
*keys to my school and keys to Scott's truck
*12 pens in a variety of colors.
*8 mini sharpies (Max's favorite thing in my purse)
*a calculator
*the most awesome toothpicks ever (available at albertsons and wal-greens)
*a tiny sewing kit
*glasses repair kit
*travel scissors (which are so cool they illicit gasps of envy from other moms when we are in a situation that suddenly calls for scissors--like at basketball camp when the kids were given otter pops at the end of the day and most of them were trying to rip them open with their teeth, I pulled out my scissors and had a line of about ten boys waiting to get theirs cut open.)
*fingernail clippers
*two flavors of lipsmackers and two lip glosses.

That's it. Not very exciting, but it is a mom purse. And I love it.


zdoodlebub said...

I was also a klepto - purse and I knew the safe combination and would steal rolls of quarters. I still cringe at the pure evil I had inside me.

Thanks for the tag. You've given me an easy post to fulfill my thrice weekly commitment. (My blog week in my little minds starts on Wed cuz that's when my birthday was and when I made the promise.)

zdoodlebub said...

I also love purses because I love to be organized.