Thursday, July 10, 2008


Although I don't always give this impression, I am actually good at being organized. I am good at cleaning stuff out and putting stuff back in an orderly fashion. The librarian I am taking over for (God love her) was not good at this. I am finding stuff here from the 80's. I have more book repairing supplies than I think I will EVER use. I think that if she couldn't find what she needed she would just order more. Wow, there is a lot of junk here. My janitor is going to do a nasty bodily function when he walks in here tomorrow. This is where Max and Carter can earn some money because I am going to have them haul stuff so the janitor doesn't have to do as much. Holy cow, there is a lot of junk.

On the bright side, I got one of my absolutely must have done before school starts projects done tonight. And it was pretty easy. And I have a LOT more storage space than I did when I walked in here earlier this evening.

I think I am going to go home and bake cookies for my janitors. Soften them up a bit.


cmercord said...

I am sitting here out camping on our boat reading my first blog, yours... It is amazing how silly everyday thoughts and details become interesting. You are a good writer. I feel like I am reading a page from a PG rated Bridget Jones' Diary page. Guess I'll stay tuned too!

zdoodlebub said...

Yes, God love her, but the space behind her counters/desk. Chaos, I always thought. Can't wait to see what you've done!

jana said...

Z--there was stuff in one of the back rooms that had been there since the 80's. My boys hauled and hauled so much that we filled up the dumpster at the school (it was half full already)and had to take the rest to the Kila dump!!

C-welcome to my blog!