Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not Much Later

It is supposed to be 96 tomorrow--gross.

Sunset is still at 9:27 but Indiana Jones is at the drive-in. I am thinking that the boys and I are going there on Tuesday night. How awesome would Indiana Jones at the drive in be?

I introduced my almost 18 year old former flower girl to Weeds and she LOVED it. She is almost done with the second season.

Oh, and Scott said I could buy the bike (possibly because he REALLY wants to go to a "school" in Vegas in December and maybe stay a couple of extra days so he is sucking up big time). I am trying to decide whether I will actually use it or if I want it because it is pink. But, with both of my boys now riding (Max is 8 and I just got him to learn--real athletic that one) we could go for rides together.


zdoodlebub said...

Indiana Jones at the drive-in would be very cool!

zdoodlebub said...

The "gotta get it out" quote is from She's Having a Baby with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern.