Saturday, July 12, 2008

Max's Pictures

First of all...our new raft came in today!!! That means if we get all the stuff we need to get done we will go rafting tomorrow. FINALLY.

So one of the main reasons I gave Max his name was because of the book Where the Wild Things Are (a show on the then network the WB called Roswell also had something to do with it but most people have no idea what that show was so I give them this standard answer). Anyway, I have gotten him a few stuffed animals and t-shirts that feature Max from the book so he is pretty into it. Here are his interpretations of illustrations from the book:Also, I bought Max and I tickets for Phantom of the Opera in Spokane (in October) and my sister and I decided to take my mom to Celtic Thunder for Christmas when they are in Spokane--so I bought those also. Wahoo!!

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