Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Love It

Robyn has gotten me hooked on Celtic Thunder. I have to give her credit right away because she gets kind of pissy when she "discovers" something and raves about it but mom and I don't really pay any attention, until a few months later when we finally discover it in our town and start raving about it as well. This happened with Riverdance years ago and she can't let that go. It almost happened with the Ped Egg this summer but I quickly told her that I know she was the first to tell me about it.

Anyway, I especially love this song. The singing is great and the guy singing this song is adorable. If you search Celtic Thunder on youtube you can find some interviews with them, which are even better because they all have Irish accents!

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Robyn said...

Nice. I don't think I get pissy because I don't get credit. I get mad because I KNOW you both would love it, but NOOOO, it's not cool until Gerene or Kathy brings it up. I'm not pointing something out to you for my health. I want you to enjoy it, also, and then we can talk incessantly about it and bring it up every chance we get. We can text about it, email about it, leave voicemails about it. As for mom, I just know what she likes.