Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lazy Days

These past few days have been the kind of days that I love about summer.

No obligations, no real schedule, boys playing outside, sometimes with friends, sometimes together. Things get done, but they don't really have to...there is just freedom.

Also, the weather has been fantastic, and by that I mean a little overcast and cool, but still nice.

I bought the bike!!! I love it. Every time I ride it I just love it more. My mom thought it was adorable and that it reminded her of one she used to have when she was younger. Now I just need a basket.

We went to Mamma Mia and Max loved it. I did as well and really do want to go again, but maybe with more girls this time.

Tomorrow night is date night. The boys are staying at my mom and dad's so we are going out! Not sure where, but it will be nice to just hang a bit.

Lastly, you know how we like to raft occasionally in the summer? Here is an adorable picture of Carter and Max that was snapped at the Bonecrusher rapid. They just lean right in and get themselves soaked! Good times...

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zdoodlebub said...

Congrats on the bike!

We've enjoyed the same kind of week here, except that in the beginning I was still suffering from the monthly "crazy."