Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10

It is only July 10 so I am not going to start my autumn countdown yet, but there are a few signs:

*school supplies are out at Wal-Mart. I have bought a couple of pretty new binders for my library stuff.

*the LLBean back to school kids catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. Wahoo!!

*I ordered some fall scents candles from Gold Canyon (streusel & spice and warm apple crisp) and they arrived yesterday--yum!

*some of the fall TV shows have been popping up for download and I have watched a few--
Life on Mars (abc)--this is a great concept for a show, but being a fan of the British version I had a hard time watching as it was almost verbatim. I do love the cast though.
Fringe (fox)--really good. I will be watching this fall.
The Mentalist (cbs)--Simon Baker is almost too good looking. He is only hotter when he gets to use his Australian accent (which he doesn't get to do in this series, but it is still very good).
True Blood (hbo)--I really enjoyed the books these are based on and most of you know how much I love vampire things so it comes as no surprise that I really liked this show.
Raising the Bar (tnt)--this wasn't a bad show, but I was disappointed in Mark Paul Gosselaar because when he has short hair and is blonder he is so attractive, but with longish brown hair he is not that spectacular.
Leverage (tnt)--really liked this show. Again, I will be watching!

That's it for now. I love the internet.
Also, Burn Notice starts tonight. Awesome.

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zdoodlebub said...

And I think The Closer starts Monday. Woot!