Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Hate Thinking Up Titles

I think I might have to forgo the whole titling bit because it drives me nuts--I am just not that clever.

So, yay, the lady that took this picture sold me a digital copy at a very reduced rate so I could do Christmas cards with it. I like to make my own cards (last year's version) and needed a horizontal picture for this year's version. I am so happy that I get to use this one because how adorable!?

We leave for the big family wedding on Thursday morning. So that means that tomorrow has to be a cleaning day because when we get back on Saturday we will have 8 family members with us, five of whom are staying here. Love those cleaning days!

Max's first Brickmaster kit came today. This is a Lego club that we joined and he will be getting special kits every other month. He is in heaven. Also, there is a Lego store at a mall in Oregon that I am very well acquainted with. Maybe we'll need to go out there for Thanksgiving...

Now this is a mom purse.

That's about it. I might not get back to posting until Saturday so, I shall leave you with this...

(LOVE that 30 Rock)

1 comment:

zdoodlebub said...

I still don't measure up to you with the scissors in your purse and all.

Brickmaster...googling it in ten seconds.

I've watched 30 Rock since the beginning and I don't remember most of those clips. So now I think I need to rent a season or two.

Lemon out.